Have you ever feel lost in your life? Or asked yourself why every bad thing always happened in your life? 

There are so many questions, so many problems which we all have concerned about our life.

Are you happy what you are doing? Or just do that because everyone do?

Is that your passion? Are you willing to dedicate 100 percent to do without money?

And all you really want to do every day is to live your dream life finally doing what you love…

Welcome to Art Of Thoughts!

I’m here to inspire you and help you to activate your power of your mindset and create a perfect life as you want through your thoughts. I also would love to share with you guys some effective thoughts tools you need to learn to master your mind like Law of Attraction and NLP (that actually works for me and now it’s for you). And then when you wake up and control your mind, it’s time to use it to manifest your best version and money, abundance and happiness.

But in order to let you believe in what I’m saying, you need to know who I am.

My name is Athena, your motivator, Manifestation + Mindset trainer and the creator of ART OF THOUGHTS. I found and started learning about Law of Attraction and NLP methods when I was in middle school, feeling stuck in my future. 

Now, after 4+ years, I am inspiring people in my local country and my university, especially young women who want to have a indenpent and success life that if they want to have a better life, you MUST to change your thoughts about everything you want. 

How you can be rich and abundance when you always think it as a bad thing, unworthy thing in your life. How you can be success person when you think you don’t deserve to it or it so wasted time. 

The truth is…I was also in the same situation.

I acknowleadged that being a rich maybe was not a good idea when everyone surrounding me always told me that rich people was bad guys, they had the power and they don’t need to respect anyone. Because of those words, even though I have a passion being rich person, I couldn’t achieve it. And I really felt stuck at that time, I asked my self a lot of time by one questions – What did I do wrong? Why no good things happen to my life?  

When trying over and over and having no results, I really wanted to die. Yes, you don’t hear wrong. I forced myself to become rich and successful for a long time and it didn’t work. 

Thus, I thought that there was no where for me in the world. I really really stuck in the negative thoughts I had.

I USED TO haVE no reasons to live, but Now I am a successful and happy girl.

When I still felt frustrated about my life, I suddenly found the best way to change my life. I discovered that everything happened and came to my life is because I attracted it. I always thought about them and focused on what I don’t have rather than waht I have owned. That’s why I always felt less in the past. 

I started clearing my mind and filled it full of positive thoughts about money, life and sucess. I learned a lot of about Law of Attraction and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and of course, the first time I used it, it didn’t work. 

But I didn’t give up, I also didn’t know why I could be consistent to it. I felt and could visualize exactly what will happpen to my life only when I master that power. I still remember the moment I closed my eyes and  so many images in my future appeared in my mind eyes. Sounds impossible but it’s true. The images I’m launching my blog and telling you these words, I aslo saw it. 

However, one thing must be clear in here that I am a person having BIGG dreams like you and I don’t have any magic or talents to achieve more goals than you. All things I get is coming from the ways I think and my trying. 

Everyone have an intense childhood and dream of becoming a better version of yourself. But your future is depended on how your thoughts are and how many times you are trying.

Do you want your limited thoughts keep you from being better and becoming greatness? 

Life is not some things woo-woo and need magic to become better.
Life is YOURS, your movie and your journal. And you are the CREATOR of your own life.
Believing in yourself.

For over years, I enrolled lots of training courses about recreate mindset in my country and over the world and reading books on self improvent,entrepreneurs, investment in real estate or stock and making money from zero.

I heard lots of millionaires’ story and the method they could be free in their life. I also met them, asked for some tips and tried to do in my real life. 

It wasn’t easy, I made mistakes, and worked really hard along the way to get here. But I did it, I now have financial freedom and manifest mindset as well. On top of, where do you think my trying comes from? From my thoughts, isn’t it?

So, what will you find on Art Of Thoughts?

I‘ve spent money, time and my energy to discover the secrets of mind, our emotional energy and the secret of the universe to become free in our life and manifest evrything we want.

Thus, I am confident to share with you a no-nonse way to release the limitations of your thoughts which have been holding you back from being greatness. 

On Art of Thoughts, with my plan, you will find informations to goes deeper than anythings you have ever seen before.

We recreate your mind and the ways to achieve what you want.

Think different and think BIG to manifest your dreams. I re-program your mind by your mind’s language and the power of your thoughts that allows you reach your higest potential. There will be no more fears, neagtive thoughts or blocks keep you from being successful. 

Life is Yours. 

You deserve to live a life that you love living, every single day! From happiness, freedom, highly mental health to abundance, prosperity. 

Want to ask something, please send me via email athena@artofthoughts.com

Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy to have you here!

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