Step-By-Step Create A Personal Development Plan

personal development plan

Have you known everything about personal development? If yes, have you read any post writing about it? What do you feel? Are you thinking these post useful or not worthy for you? You tried a lot of tips and ways to improve yourself but it doesn’t work? Have you ever thought you need to have a personal development plan for yourself?

Well, let me tell you my story.

Personal develoment is my cup tea. I love reading books or these post share tips about it. But I have never used it in my life, to be honest. Actually I tried to do all of things they said in their post but only after 3 days, everything was in the beginning. Even though, I have set goals to improve myself step by step that I could become the better version of my life, I can’t do it.

Are you in the same situation?

I realized that trying is not enough, I have to have a plan –  personal develoment plan. Yes, you don’t hear wrong. Everthing need a plan so that they can run softly like a computer is programed. If we usually talk about goal-setting which helps you achieve your dreams, now we have personal development plan helping you become a better version of your life.

Rather than reading a lot of posts and do whatever you like to improve yourself without results, today I’m going to show you the reasons why you should have a personal develoment plan and how to create your own plan.

And then, you can become a better version of your life fater and easier.

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Why do you should have a personal development plan?

With a well written personal development plan, you get more focused on what needs to be done, how it is to be done and what do you already have which can be leveraged to catapult you to success. Moreover, all this is done in a time bound manner.

The power of having a precise plan lies in the fact that you are able to focus your resources and energy to carry out all the necessary activities in the right direction. This gives you a better control over your life but and you stop drifting along. You now know your goal post. There is no room for uncertainty or distraction.

The benefits of the personal development plan

Most of people don’t know exactly what they want to achieve in future? They may not be able to answer “where you see yourself in one year—or even in two years?”

This is because most people have no idea where they want to go. They allow circumstances and other people in their life to decide their fate. Therefore, if you want to take charge of your own life and circumstances then you can’t let others dictate you or decide for you.

Finally if you want to kick start development in life, then writing a personal growth plan and taking committed action is the best thing you can do.

In the article below, I will walk you through 8 steps to create a perfect personal development plan for your life.

8 Steps To Create Personal Development Plan

The contents of a personal growth plan should have the following essential elements:

1. Define and Specify Your Goals

personal development plan

Just think that what is that you want to achieve in life. Alternatively think what you want to be in life.

In case some of you find it difficult to answer these questions then ask yourself if you have any unfulfilled dreams which you are now ready to accomplish? With regards to your career, what is the next stage you want to move to in your career? Is it a better job or more money?

On the personal front, it could be something related to learning a new language, achieving better health, losing weight etc.

Once you have identified your goals, write them down clearly. Of course, they could be more than one and relating to different areas or aspects of your life. It doesn’t matter. However, they should be clear and specific like when you set goals for your dreams.

You should set:

  1. I want to increase my annual earnings to $200,000
  2. I want to shed 5 Kg of extra weight.

Rather than:

  1. I want to be a rich person
  2. I want to lose weight



2. Set a time frame

You may have an applaudable goal for yourself but without setting a time frame to achieve it, it may remain meaningless. Instead of defining your goal as “I want to be a millionaire,” it’s better to write a plan to double your income in the next 12 months.

Once you identify your goals, assess that how long will it take you to achieve your goal?

After you set a realistic time frame for each of your goals, it’s important to commit that you will take all actions and achieve it within that time. Of course, you need to be serious and persistent about it.

You should set:

  1. I want to increase my annual earnings to $200,000 in next 12 months
  2. I want to shed 5 Kg of extra weight during next 3 months.

Rather than:

  1. I want to be a millionaire one day
  2. I want to lose 10 Kilos
3. Assess requirement of resources

You cannot go from point A to point B merely by wishing. You need to have certain resources to take you there. These resources could be in various forms such as money required to increase the size of business (working capital), new skills required to get a better job, advice of nutritionist and health coach required to help you said extra weight and so on.

Once you have identified these resources for each goal, go through the list carefully. Maybe you already have some available with you while you need to go out and get the rest. For example, you already have enough cash reserves to increase your business but you required the services of a professional to do the digital marketing for your business. So go and hire the digital marketing expert.

Similarly, if you need to become physically fit again you need to become the member of a gym in the neighborhood only, as your spouse is a qualified dietitian.

4. Acquire the resources

This point is an extension of the previous point. It emphasizes that you need to acquire the remaining resources so that you can accomplish your target within the set time frame.

For example, if you are working for an IT company in Germany and your mother tongue is English, you may have identified that learning of a new skill – Natural-language processing (NLP) can put you on a faster track of career progress. In addition, you are convinced that to interact better with your seniors and colleagues in the office working knowledge of German language would be an asset. Therefore, you may do well by learning NLP as well as German language.

5. Take Action

The process of writing a personal development plan got over if you successfully completed point 3 – Assess Requirement of Resources. But you need to take it forward if you want to achieve your goals. There will be many actions you will need to take – regularly and persistently.

It would be advisable to begin working with one goal at a time or a maximum of two goals. Once you get success and gain more experience you can increase the number of goals to work on.

6. Regularly Measure Progress

personal development plan

When you are driving a car, your eyes are constantly on the road and the traffic around. Mostly your eyes and ears keep feeding the brain and in turn your brain instructs your hands and feet to take corresponding action of increasing / decreasing the speed, turn the steering wheel to let or right and to stop etc. This continuous process every time takes you to your destination.

Accordingly you have to keep monitoring your progress at regular intervals. Howsoever small, the progress is the best motivator to stay persistent in achieving goals. Even if it is a little progress, it is an indicator that you are proceeding in the right direction.



7. Get Help, Direction or Support from a Professional

Suppose you are not making satisfactory progress or are stuck now. May be you want to achieve your goal faster. In such circumstances, find out who can help you to achieve your goals faster and better?

For example, if you want to move up in your career, you can consider taking help of a career coach; if you want to shed extra weight, you can have a fitness coach; if you want to improve return on your investments, you can consult with a financial adviser etc.

8. Take corrective action

If something is not going right, it means that you need to change (or improve) the methods or strategies you are employing. Therefore, you may need to go back to Step 7 and take a corrective course of action. If something is not going so well, check what can you do differently?

Once you have written down what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it, you will hugely enhance your chances of becoming the person you want to be. Even it may take you a lot of time, don’t give up, keep doing do what you want and always believe that you can manifest it. I also write some posts about using Law of Attraction to achieve everything you want in your life you may like: 

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